Electronic Vouchers Purchase and Return Rules when Placing an Order on the Russian Railway Museum Official Website

1. Electronic tickets purchase rules
Purchase and return of electronic tickets bought on the website is carried out according the User Agreement (section 7).
By pressing an Order button you agree with the User Agreement terms and conditions. The order of electronic tickets goes as follows:
- Fill the Order form with indication of quantity of tickets, full name of recipient, phone number and e-mail address.
- After competing of the order the verification code will be sent to the e-mail address you left. After opening the link, an electronic ticket will be acceptable for payment marked as Unpaid.
To avoid any inconveniences please check entered data correctness carefully.
2. Payment and reception of electronic vouchers
- After pressing the Pay button system redirects you to the secure payment page where you can enter required data to deliver a Payment for your Order.
- After successful Payment, a link to the electronic voucher (that proves the purchase of electronic ticket) with Paid mark and all necessary information will be sent to the e-mail address entered at website.
Warning! Order should be paid within two hours after confirmation, otherwise it will be cancelled.
3. Visit to the Museum
To enter the Museum complex touch the barcode of the printed electronic voucher or the barcode of the electronic voucher on the mobile device on the entrance ticket gate

Warning! Persons who has a right for reduced Museum tickets must show corresponding documents when entering turning gates due to request of the Museum staff ordesignated persons.
Those who show reduced ticket at the entrance but have no documents that prove their right for it will not be permitted to enter the Museum. Their tickets will not be refunded or changed.

Electronic voucher is valid for one day. The visit date is indicated in the electronic voucher.
Our address: Bibliotechny Pereulok 4/2, Saint-Petersburg, near Baltiyskaya metro station.
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10:30 till 18:00 (ticket office is opened till 17:00).
The Museum does not provide tickets delivery. Purchase of reduced tickets is performed only at the Museum ticket offices after showing your ID and documents proving a right for discount.

Tickets return rules

Payment return is performed due to Customer’s personal request according to the User Agreement (p.7.7).
The request must be sent to the email address
If Customer by any reason did not activated his tickets at the Museum entrance within the time limits set (see section 7.3.3 of the User Agreement) the Museum considers it a sufficient reason to unilaterally terminate its obligations under the User Agreement and such obligations are considered fulfilled completely.